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About Mega Printing

Mega printing plc established in January 1987 E.C. with a registered paid up capital of Birr 6,896,299.90 under the commercial code of the country; however, the registered capital was raised to birr 62,334,000.00 based on stakeholders’ decision in 1999 E.C. It was established with the mission of satisfying the increasing demand for printing products. During the past decade the company has achieved tremendous results and contributed significantly to the printing industry of the country by providing quality printing services.

The company provides standard printing services with respect to educational, literatures, administrative, commercial, information and various legal documents in consideration of the public interest, values and market principles. Its major customers include private companies, governmental and nongovernmental organizations requiring printing services and individuals. The head office located at Addis Ababa while the printing factory is located at Gerji area with a branch at Mekele. Currently the company administers 408 Permanent a employees.

The major financial sources of the company emanates from printing services to the local market, contribution of shareholders as well as bank loans


Our Vision

To be the first choice in the local market


To play an active role in the development of the printing industry

To  boost the share holder value

Value Statement

  • Outcome Oriented: Every employee will be oriented towards outcome rather than tasks
  • Integrity and Justice: Every business of the company will be done ethically and in a disciplined manner
  • Customer Oriented: Customers will be considered as the key ally to the company and will be given quality service.
  • Transparency: Every crucial managerial decisions made will be based on rules and procedures mentioned in respective manuals



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